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How we do it?

How do we do it?

Discover our process

  • 1) Briefing meeting

    To interpret the needs and objectives of the brand together with the client.

  • 2) Creativity and design

    We generate a proposal of customized products, with branding of the brand and aligned to the brief.

  • 3) Commercial proposal

    Including quote of products, commercial conditions and delivery times.

  • 4) Product selection

    Definition of the articles and approval of the technical specifications by the client.

  • 5) Purchase order

    To formalize the order and start production.

  • 6) Production and quality control

    Continuous monitoring of the production guaranteeing the agreed quality.

  • 7 )International logistics

    Consolidation and transport of the merchandise. Permanent information of the status to the client.

  • 8) Delivery of merchandise

    In the requested destination and with the conditions set.

  • 9) After sales service

    We close the circle looking for the total conformity of the client.

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